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    • Application Deadline: date_range Jan 2, 2020
    • Program Dates: date_range Jan 2, 2020 - Jan 2, 2021
  • Indie.vc is a 12 month program designed to fund and support founders on a path to profitability.

    We believe deeply that there are hundreds, even thousands, of businesses that could be thriving, at scale, if they focused on revenue growth over raising another round of funding. On average, the companies we've backed have increased revenues over 100% in the first 12 months of the program and around 300% after 24 months post-investment.

    We aim to be the last investment our founders NEED to take. We call this Permissionless Entrepreneurship.


    • Founders who value preserving optionality and ownership.

    • Post-revenue tech, or tech-enabled, Real Businesses

    • US corporate structures (though you do not have to be based in the US to apply)

      Note: we don't have a target or minimum revenue for investment nor do we require companies to be profitable at the time of investment.


      • Products that require significant investment and extended periods of R&D prior to commercialization.

      • Winner take all, land grab, style markets.

      • Teams that believe good products will just sell themselves.

      • Founders who enjoy owning single digit percentages of their businesses.


        We believe that founders should spend more time with customers than investors. To that end, we’ve created a transparent investment process designed to be fast, friendly and focused.

        Within 2 weeks of applying you will receive an indication of interest. If we are interested in learning more, we will arrange a 30 min. video call with the founders for us to ask questions and dig deeper. Within 24hrs of the initial video call, you will receive another indication of interest. If there remains interest, we will arrange another 30 min video call where founders can ask us anything they want- the time is theirs. Within 24hrs of the founder call, we will indicate our investment interest and propose terms (or not). Once we’ve settled on terms, we’ll ask that founders complete our due diligence checklist.

        We can usually complete our reference calls and financial diligence within 2 weeks (sometime faster, sometimes longer depending on scheduling of reference calls). Once completed, we will sign the investment documents and fund our full investment via a wire transfer to your corporate bank account.

    • More Information: https://www.indie.vc/faq

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