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    Amanda Spann Posted By: Amanda Spann

    A game of blacklisted words
  •  I’m happy to announce the launch of TipOff, the game of blacklisted words.

    The game was Astin's bright idea and I’ve been working with her over the past year to bring it to life.TipOff is essentially like taboo… but for you.

    HOW TO PLAY: PLAYERS join a group game room where they split into teams. Once inside, each player must TIP their teammates OFF to the keyword without saying the word itself or the 5 other forbidden words before the timer runs out. A guard, aka "the HATER", from the opposing team will be keeping watch from their phone to make sure you don’t break the rules.

    Its perfect for game night at home or even playing remotely on video chat, you can personalize your game by choosing from several exclusive and limited edition categories. A portion of the proceeds generated from paid categories benefit STEM education programs.


    For iPhone: http://bit.ly/TipOffiOS
    For Android: http://bit.ly/TipOffAndroid

    We’re still brand new so I ask for your patience with as we work out any unforeseen kinks. In the meantime, feel free to share this post and spread the word!

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    • Date: 3 years ago
    • Product Stage: Beta
    • Product Version: v1
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